Advanced Pain Management Specialists of Baytown's goal is helping patients get their lives back without surgery. If you are suffering from back pain, degenerative disc, herniated disc, leg pain, bulging disc, hip or knee pain, neck pain, arm pain, muscle weakness; we can help. We can develop a custom treatment plan that will help get you back to normal life! Pain is the most common complaint heard at the doctor's office and in some form or fashion, the most common reason for seeking medical attention. Unfortunately, it's also one of the leading causes of loss in productivity as well as compromise in function and activities of daily living. Statistically, this problem is overwhelming because a great deal of pain goes either ignored, under treated or misdiagnosed. There's nothing worse than being taken by surprise by an injury, worrying about whether one can sustain a livelihood, or continuing to suffer when being told there is nothing else that can be done

What's unfortunate is that this phenomenon quite often can be avoided. Many believe that their options are limited to pain medication or surgery, and as a result, give up. In recent years, there have been several innovations and alternatives to the scalpel and pills. At Advanced Pain Management Specialists, we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing awareness of alternatives, tackling pain, and restoring function

Conditions Treated

Through consultation we diagnosis and derive a unique treatment plan with each patient for painful conditions..


Pain Management

At Advanced Pain Management Specialists of Baytown we provide several of the latest conservative alternatives to pain..